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With twelve years of experience, you can rely on Holly to bring you the information you truly need. From working as a department specialist at Home Depot, to being a decorator at independent window covering stores, to becoming the account executive for all of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario with Maxxmar - she knows all the ins and outs of the industry. The position at Maxxmar gave her insight to the installation problems that weren’t being fixed, and inspired her to find the answers. 


Originally aiming to be a decorator, Holly is familiar with a lot of aspects of interiors, including colour, flooring, wallpaper, paint, tiles, and more. This gives her a unique insight for not only the design of the window coverings, but the entire home. After exploring different avenues of interior decorating, Holly discovered window treatments to be her true passion.


With Toba Window Coverings, you will deal with one person, start to finish. Not only does this make prices more affordable, but you always know who you are working with. Holly will work with your schedule, bringing samples to your home, which makes decisions a breeze. 

Design, Measure, Install

Holly does it all!

meet Holly Massaroni, your window treatment expert


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